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  • Why should I learn JavaScript? - Learning to program in JavaScript has been one of the most interesting decisions of my life. Almost every day I find something that can be improved with a few lines of code, and the more I learn how to code, the more I realize how many things I have been doing inefficiently.  If you are […]
  • Beginner’s guide to JavaScript variables - One of the most useful capabilities of JavaScript is that it lets you manipulate almost anything on a webpage, even if you don’t have access to the HTML or CSS. What’s the use of manipulating something on a webpage? Well, if you can manipulate something on a webpage you can change the webpage.  Need to […]
  • How a web browser builds a website - If you want to learn how to build websites, program in JavaScript, become a front end web developer or are just genuinely curious about how websites work  —  you need to understand how a web browser (browser) builds a website. This post will help you do just that. Have you ever read something online? I’m […]
  • Identifying your target audience - This is the second installment of my building a brand from scratch series. It focuses on reaching your brand’s target audience. This series is most effective when read in sequence. Here’s the first part of the series, starting a brand from scratch, if you’d like to start from there. Whether you are selling high-end shoes, making dog […]
  • Starting a brand from scratch - The first step to building a brand from scratch is failure. At some point in December 2017, I decided I would try and sell products online. Real original, I know. I think the idea took hold when I came across a Shopify advertisement promoting something called drop shipping as a way to generate income through […]
  • Reaching your target audience with content marketing - This is the third installment of my building a brand from scratch series. It focuses on reaching your brand’s target audience. This series is most effective when read in sequence. Here’s the first part of the series if you’d like to start from there. Any seasoned brand-builder will tell you that knowing your target audience is not […]
  • HTML basics: syntax, semantics and best practices - HTML is in many ways the most important of the front end languages used to build websites (HTML, CSS and JavaScript). Not only does it provide the architectural blueprints for how your site is structured, but it also tells your web browser what each content type on the page is (lists, headings, pull quotes, etc.). This post […]
  • CSS basics: syntax, semantics and best practices - CSS makes webpages unique — it allows web developers to tailor their page to stand out from the millions of other websites on the internet. CSS brings webpages to life — it allows web developers to animate and transform the page, to give it vitality and a sense of energy. CSS makes webpages responsive — […]
  • JavaScript basics: syntax, semantics and best practices - JavaScript is the most powerful of the three front end technologies and is an essential component of every modern website. If you are considering a career in digital media, web development, online marketing or are just interested in learning something — learning JavaScript will change your life. Not only will you uncover how to leverage the power […]
  • Writing JavaScript code in your web browser’s developer console - One of the best ways to become familiar with a language is to use it. Lucky for you, you’ve already got everything you need to start using JavaScript. In this guide I’ll introduce you to the JavaScript console as well as show you how to run some really neat JavaScript in it. This is probably […]
  • Adding JavaScript to your webpage - Websites are a mosaic of interconnected technology which your web browser weaves into a webpage. From Google to Amazon, Facebook to Twitter, each site is seamlessly crafted from three components: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. To be able to craft the sites you love, your browser must have access to HTML, CSS and JavaScript. And to […]
  • Beginner’s guide to JavaScript functions - One of the most useful concepts to learn and master in the JavaScript programming language is functions. Once you understand how they work, everything else in JavaScript becomes relatively easy. This guide will help you understand functions in the JavaScript language, specifically function syntax and how to write, name and call the functions you create. […]
  • Beginner’s guide to JavaScript arrays - Lists are underrated. From items to purchase on a shopping trip to essential steps in a life-saving surgery, lists are extremely helpful for making sure you don’t forget anything. They are useful too, especially in JavaScript I know what you are thinking. Lists? Wow, who cares? Well, I didn’t. Until I learned about them and […]
  • Beginner’s guide to JavaScript loops - Repeating yourself can be a hassle, but sometimes you’ve got to do it you’ve got to do it. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of repetition. Many of the things we love are the byproduct of meticulously constructed repetition. A recipe, for example, is a set of repeating steps. A song? The chorus is the […]
  • Collecting all the email addresses or links on a webpage with JavaScript - Have you ever wanted, or needed, to collect all of the email addresses or links on a website? Have you ever tried to do this manually? I have. It’s incredibly tedious. There’s nothing quite as dehumanizing as robotically copying and pasting hundreds of email addresses or links from a webpage to an excel sheet over […]
  • Conditional statements in JavaScript - One of the most incredible powers you can give to your JavaScript program is the ability to make decisions on its own. Whether you want your program to decide the best time to ask a visitor to subscribe to your newsletter or display your site content in a different language, conditional statements will allow your […]
  • Beginner’s guide to JavaScript objects - Objects are one of the most elegant, simple and extraordinarily useful tools you’ll ever work with when programming in JavaScript. In fact, objects are one of the reasons why JavaScript is such a popular and widespread programming language. And if you want to improve your JavaScript programming from beginner to intermediate, you’ll need to understand […]
  • Object-oriented programming with JavaScript - Good JavaScript programming needs a process — a way to guide how you think about problems and how you write code to solve these problems. Arbitrarily inventing and improvising your code’s structure is fine for a beginner, but any technical recruiter administering a JavaScript proficiency test will always consider this amateurish at best. So stop […]